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Rob is President & CEO of Olympia Consulting, a professional services firm that partners with our clients to create a new vision for organizational growth. We design solutions that improve critical functions such as sales processes and customer experience programs.

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Are you a start-up founder, established business owner, CEO, or VP of sales? No matter your capacity or title, surely you desire a highly skilled and productive sales force - a successful sales machine.


How-to and inspirational content to help you build a world-class sales machine!

The 7 Elements of a Great Sales Culture

Have you ever worked in an environment with a great culture? What made it great? Many of us have had some wonderful experiences in work cultures that were special. There are a lot of elements that make up a positive culture. High integrity management, frequent recognition, open communication, and devoted teammates are some of the many key facets for a …

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Selling to Senior Executives

You have finally reached the senior levels of a key prospective account and you’ve secured a meeting with the CEO. Now what? Never fear, let’s get you prepared to handle this meeting like a professional who has done it many times. Start with Common Interests First, relax and remember they are people too. Be sure you know something about them …

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Perfecting the Team Selling Process

An extremely effective method for winning new business which involves complex products or services, is the team sale. As an example, let’s say you are a Partner in a growing accounting services firm. You provide a number of complex advisory services to your clients, but as a Partner, you’re heavily involved in managerial and client delivery work most days. And, …

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Rob is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker that never fails to deliver.
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